Digital Learning Resources

The Forestry Futures Alliance partners are working to support Alberta teachers and students as they transition into the difficult, unfamiliar role of distance/online learning.

We invite teachers and parents thrust into the role of teacher to visit the websites of the Alliance partners for videos, lessons, ideas for outdoor explorations of Alberta’s forests and more! Bookmark this page, and check back often for the latest!

Inside Education’s new ‘Digital Classroom” provides forest education lessons and activities for students ranging from Grade 4 through 12. Check out the “It’s Our Forest/C’est notre forêt” video series, the engaging and interactive Guide to the Common Native Trees and Shrubs of Alberta and more!

Bring the forest to your classroom! Work Wild has developed three online Toolkits tailored to meet sections of Alberta Education’s curriculum for Grade 6 Science, CALM 20, and CTS Forestry. Each toolkit includes fun activities, a video series and will prompt your students to explore sustainable forest management, forestry careers and more!

CAREERS: The Next Generation is now offering Google Classroom assignments for teachers to use free of charge.  Each week, we will roll out new material covering everything from the Registered Apprenticeship Program and other internship opportunities, to resume writing and labour market research.  Teachers will be given their own classroom with full control of the many videos, resources and quizzes inside.

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